New Hope

United Church of Christ

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Join us for coffee at 10:30 AM, enjoy meeting the members of New Hope UCC.

Worship begins at 11:00 AM, we hope to see you there.

Welcome to New Hope United Church of Christ

What makes New Hope UCC different from other churches? You may be wondering why you would want to visit our church. New Hope UCC is an all inclusive church that embraces equality in the name of God. Our members and congregation are progressive and accepting of all walks of life. We understand that the Christian person does not have to fit into a mold. We are all the same creatures who have been born through Christ's love, and your value and participation in our church will be meaningful. Let's get together and have fun with worship!

What Makes us The Fun Church?

The short answer is that New Hope UCC doesn't take the pains of life too seriously, and we like to have fun! Too many churches have forgotten the sheer joy of faith in Christ, and the fun that can be had when we celebrate the life God gave us. By sincerely appreciating all the messy and wonderful ways we each do our best to schlep through the ups and downs life, we are able to support each other. We are able to cheer one another on through the rough times, and celebrate together in the good times. We like to have fun, and we can’t do that if we are judging. Our church feels strongly that fun cannot be had through criticism, or judgement.

Yes, it is encouraged to laugh at New Hope UCC!

At New Hope United Church of Christ we don’t get our knickers in a knot about whether the flowers are straight (or even there), whether the hymn number matches the bulletin, or any of the other details that often are given undue importance and distract us from the enjoyment of worship.

New Hope appreciates that everyone is unique and believe that everyone, everyone, everyone has something important to contribute. All ages and stages are welcome welcome to join the party. If you have been hurt or discounted by a church community… come, give us a try. If you are not sure what church is about … come, give us a try. You don’t need a reason… just come, give us a try. We are looking forward to welcoming you with open arms, open minds, and open hearts.

About Rev. Dr. Janet Leighninger


Pastor Janet as she is most commonly called, is a native New Englander and has been in ministry over 20 years. Janet is a Cum Laude graduate of College of New Rochelle (BFA), and Andover Newton Theological School (MDiv, DMin). She has served UCC, UCC/Methodist, UCC/ABC/UU, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Non-Denominational churches. She is a certified Maine Police Chaplain, MA Court Mediator, and Boston Theological Institute Peace Facilitator. She has served both small and large, seasonal, historic, island, legacy, suburban and rural churches. She is delighted to be serving this new church start. She brings enthusiasm, scholarship and deep faith to her ministry with a very human touch. She loves to laugh and connect faith with our everyday lives. Want to chat? Got questions? She would love to get to know you over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. She will be marrying in August 2019 and will be happily changing her name to Peck.